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What is Recovery?

After many years of providing addiction treatment services, Morris Village has learned that the concept of recovery signifies something much greater and broader than a physical “detox” process or merely abstaining from impairing substances.

With the growth in our current knowledge of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of addictive disease, Morris Village has come to realize and employ treatment approaches that address the comprehensive and multi-faceted nature of addiction and, therefore, considers recovery to be an exciting comprehensive and multi-faceted process as well.   A panel of multi-disciplinary professionals at the Betty Ford Center met together to establish a more current working definition of recovery. In their paper, published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, the panel defines recovery as "a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health, and citizenship." They went on further to say that, "Recovery may be the best word to summarize all the positive benefits to physical, mental, and social health that can happen when alcohol- and other drug-dependent individuals get the help they need.”

Recovery is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence, as well as improved health, wellness and quality of life. It is increasingly being defined as long-term and wellness-centered. It involves an ongoing process of growth, change and self-discovery. When this positive change happens in an individual, positive change also occurs in their relationships with family members, friends and co-workers.

We understand that each person we work with is different.  Our approach is tailored to meet individual needs and allows us to create achievable goals that based on those unique bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of addiction experience by our patients. Our treatment professionals are committed to help you make the positive changes in your life that you need and deserve.


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